More than 80 years of experience and over 80 customers around the world - Our distribution network

The cleaning Power

Lanko International offers the best cleaning products for the removal and prevention of process-related contamination in the paper industry. Our products are easy to handle, safe to use for users as well as for all machine parts. Our quality is constantly monitored and products optimised.
The sales department is controlled by our sales team and is available as a personal contact for all your orders. We supply more than 80 customers, spread over 32 countries all over the world. Our many years of experience make us your strategic partner for all aspects of cleaning your machines.

Our guaranteed delivery for your planning security

To give you the necessary security in your planning, shipments leave our warehouse already one day after your order. A large selection of products is ready for dispatch and so we can guarantee delivery within two weeks.

Your trust in us

We supply more than 200 paper mills with our cleaning products. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and the elaborate testing processes that are taken into account in our development.