Quality grows from tradition - since 1934, our core business has been providing cleaning solutions for the paper industry

The cleaning Power

Lanko International produces chemical solution explicitly for the paper industry which are very effective, easy to use and friendly for machine and environment which are supplied from stock.

Lanko was founded in 1934 and after almost 90 years has developed into a modern company with customers all over the world. In the beginning, the activities were in the production of chemical cleaning agents for general use.
It quickly became apparent that these products were also very suitable for cleaning press felts and dryer fabrics in paper machines. Due to the high demand, the focus quickly turned completely to the paper industry.

The History of Lanko International

  • 1934

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    Lanko, founded by Mr Landman and Kosters in Amsterdam, has its origins as a company for cleaning windows, awnings and blinds. As early as 1934, there were strong points of contact with the paper industry.

  • 1972

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    Due to the steadily growing turnover, the production facilities in Ugchelen became too small. A new factory in Maastricht was build, which was used until 2020.

  • 2012

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    The paper industry and Lanko develops strongly and begins to build up the customer base throughout Europe. Don Deckers takes over the company.

  • 2020

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    The production was moved to the new facility in Roermond with more office space, 2 new production lines and a bigger warehouse capacity, together with a new base for Lanko Service.

  • 2023

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    Lanko International is supplying over 200 papermills spread over 35 countries.


We have large range of cleaning solutions for the most various contaminations within the paper making process of which most of them we supply directly from stock from our large warehouse. This way we serve the market the best when it comes to an unexpected demand for cleaning solutions due to disturbing contamination or unscheduled shuts which provide a cleaning opportunity.

The Papermaking tool

The well balanced efficient and effective products which are easy to apply and have a low impact on user, machine and environment. These characteristics in combination with our rapid response and fast delivery make our products the right papermaking tool against process contamination.

Proven recipes of high quality

We offer a wide range of products with proven formulations for the targeted cleaning of machines and machine parts. Together with you, we will also find individual solutions based on customised formulations.